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Waterfalls Galore

Our day in Lauterbrunnen

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Nick, our intrepid host, helped us get our luggage up the mountain and to the Bahn... it was sad to say good-bye to him. He is really a very special person and I am so happy that he and his wife, Sue, found a way to make their dream come true! We made our good-byes and off into the Bhan down to Stechelburg, to get the bus to Lauterburnnen.

Just need to note that Pat almost had one of those TV moments when someone steps out into a street to be hit by a bus you didn't see coming. Thankfully he did see the bus and got out of the way. LOL

We found our next hotel. At first glance it was wonderful... NOT mountain to climb down to get to it. :) It was situated right by the train station and the bus station. Woo HOO!

We had to wait a few hours to check in so we left our luggage there and headed back to the bus to go see the Trümmelbach Falls. This is something Pat saw too when he was here as a young lad. I was excited but because the description was 10 waterfalls inside a mountain.


We got there, and hiked into the entry and yay! There was a lift up inside the mountain. I was thinking it would go to the top and then we walk down and see the waterfalls. Um... I was wrong. It got us most of the way UP! AND then.. yes.. there were.. STAIRS Lots and lots of stairs.
One section Pat counted 81 stairs. Just one section. :)

But the waterfalls inside were A-MA-ZING!! I loved them! I made up those stairs cause I wasn't missing any of this!

I didn't get any photos inside cause it was COLD, WET and I didn't want to drop my phone over the edge. LOL So here is the WIKI page which does have great photos in it.
My one photo.. 45BD7BAC-F7E8-4185-9A9D-EF727B9CECAA.jpeg

Afterwards we needed to warm and dry to had a light, shared, lunch at the little house there at the falls .. on the patio. A beautiful house and place to take in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Which is known as the Valley of Waterfalls. It so reminded me of Yosemite !!! So much so! In the last photo there are two parasailers. So tiny in the pic, just shows how large the cliffs were.



Off to the bus and back to the hotel to check in -- and yes.. our room was on the second floor … and only stairs to get to it.
I just laugh now at any mention of stairs and getting luggage up them. :) We are masters of how to accomplish it!

Our hotel was a 2 star place. Before this we were staying in 3 star places so .. yes.. it was a bit (well more than a bit _ I couldn't even get into the tiny slip of a shower LOL) rustic. This was not the highpoint of our hotel stays. I said it had character. Pat said he tried to find the character and there just wasn't any. LOL


The view from the balcony was pretty cool though. SUCH a different vibe then up in Murren. The peace of Murren was replaced with a LOT of rustling around, traffic, and a sense of just a ton of business going on...


Sigh.. my slice of heaven was left back in Murren.

We did find a good place to eat, and luckly made reservations, as others were trying to get in. AND they asked Pat to come back and play. So he did!! He played out on the terrace where we ate earlier.... and they loved him so much they gave him a bottle of wine as a thank you! So even though our hotel was 'an adventure' Lauterbrunnen and the Falls were a hit!

We only had one night in this place. Couldn't even non feather pillows (so we used our travel pillows). We skipped breakfast and headed to Interlaken to catch the Golden Pass train to Montreux... whew.. which is where I now sit outside... in the evening with the lights shining around the lake.

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