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Pat Found His Audience!

Summary of the Best Parts of Murren

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So I took a few days off to really breathe in the alps and the village of Murren. It was a lovely adventure and the culmination of my bucket list for the alps -- basically to SEE the alps in all their glory. It will take too long to write about everything that happened so here is a summary:

Patrick Found His Audience!

As you might have heard, Patrick was living in Grimmelwald which is right down the hill (5 minutes by Bahn) to Murren. He played his guitar in the Youth Hostel every night, with another guy, for the month he stayed there... and when not playing he hiked the hills. So he got to have a little concert at the Mountain Hostel, after 45 years. I will share more details in a bit, but will say it was a great evening!

The thing is Patrick got to play at Cafe's across Murren while we were there and the fellow tourists and those who live there REALLY loved him!
He played at the Café Liv (twice), the Bellevue Hotel Terrace, and the Iger Guesthouse. What meant a lot to me was watching the people...
at EVERY place people clapped, came up to thank him for playing and told him how great he was. People just walking by would stop to listen and stay for the WHOLE song! And maybe longer. Some people would come sit down just to listen to him longer. People took his videos of him playing and took his picture. I snuck some pictures of those moments.... but here are the moments that really stood out to me:

A) While at the Iger Guest House -- which is right across from the train station - Pat was playing for the outside seating area of their café. I was having lunch .. and yes this was the view !!


I notice a man way over at the bottom of the steps up to the train station. He has stopped and was listening to Patrick play. He just stood there for the longest time. Then his wife came out from the train station to find him and he waved her over and pointed to Patrick . She, too, stood with him for a long time and listened. THEN they BOTH come over, closer, to listen and watched him play. HIs wife was glowing and took a video of him playing. He finally was done she was the one who gushed over him and thank him for his playing.. .and how much they enjoyed him. Then they ran off to catch their train. :) (which I had gotten their pic)

B) There were two other couples who stood out. One was a couple from either Japan or China (I didn't ask) who were very sweet with each other. The girl has taken a video of Pat at the Café Liv. After Pat was done playing we were heading back to our VRBO Chalet and walked past them as the guy was taking a picture of her with the Jungfrau as the backdrop. Pat made a nice comment and she recognized him and got excited and said 'OH!! You are musician!' (I don't think Pat noticed her taking his video earlier and he just said 'yes' (course he was carrying his guitar case LOL). She said "OH.. you play earlier! Up there!" (I answered for him, cause I did recognize her.. and said Yes! He was!).. She just gushed and said he played so beautifully and she took a video. (It really touched him)

C) Then there was this couple ..


Who stopped to listen to him... and stood there like that for a few songs. They looked very sweet together.
They finally come up the hill and got something to drink at the Café Liv... and sat down to continue to listen.

Very nice moment..

But the BEST fans.. where these ones!
The little ones! My top three favorites...

3. Jay, an eleven year old boy who was with his father. Originally from Singapore -- they were now living in Switzerland. He has just started to learn how to play a six string guitar. He was enamored with Pat's ability to play a 12 string. He and his father stayed to listen and stay down. Pat finished up and was packing to leave when Jay thanked him and told him how he enjoyed Pat's playing. He was very mature for his age in his demeanor. Pat asked him his name and his age. Jay then shared that he was learning to play a six string but was so curious about the 12 string. He thought it sounded 'better' and asked Pat what was different between the 6 and 12 string instruments. Pat stayed.. took out his guitar again and kneeled down showed Jay his guitar up close and they talked together about the differences..

I think -- that one day that young man is going to get his own 12 string :) And Pat had some influence in that.

2. Then this little one couldn't get close enough while Pat was playing. HE WANTED TO PLAY THE GUITAR TOO! LOL His mother kept trying to gently pull him away but he kept wanting to come back.


1. And my most favorite is the one I call Pat's NUMBER ONE FAN!! While waiting for our laundry to get down, Pat was playing on the Terrace Café of the Bellevue hotel. This little girl came over … sat down right in front of him. And that was THAT !!! She loved him so much that when he finished and came over to sit with me at the table I was at the little girl got her mother's camera and came over to Pat.. trying so hard to take the camera out and take a picture of him!! She kept trying to get her mother to get a picture (but she wasn't helping). So the little one in pink came over and just stood close by and blushed. IT WAS ADORABLE !!


So it was wonderful to see Pat in his element -- where the music was really appreciated and loved. Murren is his place!

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