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The Sun Shineth in Luzern

Retirement by the Lake.. YES!

semi-overcast 63 °F
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I admit, I didn't think Luzerne would outshine Salzburg when we arrived yesterday in the grey, drench soaked town. But this morning the sun came out and warmed my heart and eyes.. and the town turned beautiful !

We needed to do laundry and found a laundromat nearby which would do it for us. Yay!!! After breakfast in the sister hotel Aldstadt Krone (which again was lovely) we planned the day.


FIRST I need to note I am writing this while sitting at a café table (part of a restaurant in the historic grain and pastry chef guild of old) right on the river, by the historic pedestrian bridge having Chardonnay Soup and the House White. LOVELY !! I'm loving it. It is 3 pm so I didn't want a big meal and this is perfect. Tastes wonderful, and warmed me up to take off the edge of the slightly Fall-like cool air. The water is sooo calm! The water a really nice greenish blue. Peaceful!!


Also the old guild hall is right next to the old City Hall -- and I noticed a line of couples out in front of on my way here. Then I saw one women in a wedding dress and it all clicked. THEN I could hear 'cheering' from there and 'of course'! It is civil wedding day at the old city hall!


What happened before now? I got to take two items off my bucket list. We walked around the Old Town. The amazing variety of the murals on the buildings and the 'feel' of this area was so cool. Its one of those things that Disney world could try and recreate but really you can't. The buildings look like something in Epcot but knowing that people lived and worked in these buildings as far back as 700 AD. It would feel artificial. Our hotel is RIGHT on one the squares in the old town area so just looking out the window is 'cool' (I have lost the ability to find the right words). :) There is so much variety. And the building murals mean something. I will add a picture of the side of Pfistern hotel/restaurant where I am eating. Their mural was created so long ago and shows all the family crests of the members of the Grain and Pastry Chef Guild.


We did the tourist thing of walking across the wooden pedestrian bridge.. but everything so much better in the sunlight !


I really wanted to go out on the lake, but couldn't figure out the timetable on the ferries. Happily I found an 1 hour cruise (per Patrick insert Gilligan's Island theme song here). So we went for it. It was on a converted yacht and took us around the main part of the lake. My mind exploded though when I saw the ALPS (the real alps) -- appearing out from behind the clouds. Covered in snow!! There is no way a picture can do them justice!! Mount Rika was beautiful. Unfortunately Mount Pilatus was still under clouds.. but the stories of hidden dragons and the volume of lightening that hits that mountain make the tour fun. It was so comfortable. I thought it would be super cold after yesterday but the water was calm as glass, and the they drove slowly so the wind (even though we sat at the very front) was not bracing.


I could have stayed on that boat all day.. and drunk in the beauty.
And yes.. it actually surpassed Salzburg. I didn't think it was possible
The blue, the calm, the warmth, the light... so much fun!!

AND I really love sitting here by the river on my own (Pat is taking a nap before his gig at the Shamrock Irish Pub tonight) writing to you. Last night I had green chicken curry and tonight will be cottage pie .. it truly is an international world. :)
I would love to retire here. It's amazing how much open space there is around the lake --- I could put a house in one of them. :)
Can Switzerland keep it up??

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Glad the rain was today..

And trains are warm and cozy...

rain 51 °F
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I'm already a day behind. This will be a light post as yesterday was our travel day to Lucerne and it rained all day. A LOT of rain. Looking out from the train at the people standing in each of the train stops we went by made me grateful that for the most of the day we would be inside the train where it was warm and dry.

Our last morning in Salzburg had some really cool moments. After the usually great breakfast the Elefant's glamourous breakfast room, in packing up we had the window open (the rain had stopped at this point) and we were listening to the Sunday morning call to worship. When we suddenly heard loud banging of drums and a guy shouting. We thought maybe it was a protest of somekind or other.. it went for a like 15 minutes. Then we heard the cadence of drums into an easy march and looked out the window. There were guys in period costume marching down our street. Then it dawned these is a staged thing and with the historic City Hall just steps from us it made sense.. this was like a morning 'proclamation' event.


With the morning news being delivered to the masses from the steps of City Hall. So cool !!! Glad we got to see that..
We also heard fake gun shots as they got down towards the square and then later a marching band going through the street behind us.

So we checked out and caught a taxi to the train station. One the way there we drove right back the Mirabelle Gardens... so got an even closer view!! Yay.. Salzburg was amazing, beautiful, romantic, peaceful... I kinda miss it.

The majority of the day was the train ride back to Switzerland. No pictures... just rain and more rain. We got off the super smooth rail jet and onto our first Swizz local train. Thank God we only had to move over one platform... we thought we might need to run. There were very few people in the first class car.. which was nice. We played cards till we got to Lucerne and chatted with a very lovely lady from Zurich.

The most fun last night was in the Shamrock pub! The one Melinda, the stewardess from Swiss Air told us about. Unfortunately she had woken up with a cold and sore throat, so could not meet us there but we went on our own. And had a GREAT time. We met two couples, who we hung out with. One, Janet and Dan, also known as 'Danette' (as a couple). Super sweet, and fun, it was their very first day on their European vacation. From St. Louis they were on their way up through Germany and ending in Amsterdam.


Crazy thing is that Dan works in IT.. and just any IT but Healthcare IT. He works with an insurance company doing software development. Their goal is to support providers in meeting HEDIS Goals in order to both safe money and provide quality care.
it was pretty amazing and such a small world.!

Michael and Stephanie were next to us as well and were very helpful in finding a good restaurant in the area.


We were going to head out to that place but instead decided to stay to join everyone in the Pub Quiz night! We did pretty good.. not great .. but not bad. LOL Did very well in the music quiz (big surprise). For a rainy night it was VERY nice to land here our first actual night in Switzerland ! I'm so excited for the rest. Tomorrow's forecast is for the rain to stop. And Pat is on deck to come back to the pub and play as much as he wants .. yay!

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