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Bells vs Alpen Horns

You decide...

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Both times I was surprised by these sounds in these cities.

Bells - Salzburg Altstadt -- 3 PM

You start to hear the normal chime of bells on the top of the hour. Then suddenly you hear another kind of bell join in. Then another. And another. With each new bell the layered effect is amazing, and a loud. The depth of sound - amazing. Who thought this up was brilliant. The chimes go on together across the city for a long time.
Then like they started.. one stops, then another, and another - till you are left with the original (now sounding very small) chimes at the hour.
Listen -

Alpen Horns - Lucerne Altstadt
I never really understood how these horns could have been used to communicate across mountains. Now I get it! They are LOUD - yet soft at the same time. Soft in tone, not in volume. When these started I had no warning (well it was the same as the bells). But the depth and melodic quality of the notes impressed me. I just 'heard' Switzerland. The horns started literally a few feet (though out of my eye sight) in the courtyard of the old City Hall - around the nearest corner to us. And it was so quiet outside.. no one talked while they played .

There is mostly no movement in these.. its just that the video on my phone was my only option to capture the moment.

What do you think? Which is more impressive?
Bells or Alpen Horns

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