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The Weather and the People

Both were absolutely amazing!!

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Hot and Sunny

After the rain in Salzbug I wasn't sure what we would find in the alps. It my great joy all three days were SUNNY and HOT. I even got a sunburn!!
This meant not a cloud in the sky to hide any of details in the mountains around us! That includes when were up at the Schiltorn with it's 360 view of Switzerland !!!

We even had mosquitos up there! Three bites to prove it. The first night I was an idiot and left the windows and door to the balcony open during the sunset... and yep! I had to kill two big heavy weight mossies..

Otherwise the temp and sky were beautiful throughout the day! I couldn't have been more blessed!

You Meet the Best People

I think Murren is a bit like how I would like heaven to be...
- clean
- logical
- and people from all over the world being NICE to each other...

How had can it be for the rest of the world, if it can be that way up in the alps??!!!

We met soo many amazing people!

A) Nick! Our VRBO host. British! He and his wife Sue took the gamble and quit their secure payrolls to follow their dream to live up in the alps -- in Murren. Nick was super fun, nice and just a really, all round cool/nice guy. He knows everyone up there ! and works all sorts of jobs in the village. He was the one who got Pat the gigs at the different cafes. AND .. AND.. (he is my forever gratitude) he helped get our luggage both down, AND back up the mountain. (more on that later - it was definitely part of the 'adventure'). He also came over to Grimelwald for Pat's 'concert' at the Mountain Hostel.. which was kinda cool cause both he and Roman (the guy who manages the hostel) work shifts at the Café Liv but had NEVER met before! I kinda really liked how on this trip Pat was instrumental in bringing together some cool 'moments'.. like that one. Anyway.. I really admire Nick and Sue and their commitment to their new 'life'. Its not easy but they LOVE it!

B) Speaking of Roman.. such a cool young man. Like, Nick, he is all over those two communities and knows a lot of people. He also works at multiple jobs. He was so gratious to Pat - and even collected tips for him after his gig at the hostel. NOT something that was asked for mind you!! Also Roman threw together a heaping container of pasta from their dinner that night for us to take back to our chalet. We ran into him in the CooP (grocery store) and he helped Pat pick out the best cheese for Raclette -- as Pat wanted to make some for himself. Yes he got some in restaurants but goodness restaurant food here is EXPENSIVE !!!!

C) Mary and Bart -- a couple from St. Louis. They just happened to be using the washing machines when I got the Bellevue to do catch up laundry. So they let me sit with him, and we hung out on the terrace together throughout our loads (aka a few hours). They were so much fun and amazing people. Bart is a retired social worker. And they have been traveling … OH !! And psst Christie? I got the lowdown on a hotel in Florence we HAVE TO GO TO!! Check this out.. Hotel Delglio Orafi I learned about this cause they were heading to Italy next and Mary just happened to have a laundry bag she had kept from this hotel!! She said in the breakfast room was a medieval mural high up in the walls..

Yes, we talked about everything and anything... the heat in the Midwest, the need for humidifiers in Idaho! (Its a THING for us!) They witnessed the little fan who was so taken by Pat's playing.. agreed it was adorable. We said if they ever got to Idaho we'd put them up ..
I was kinda sad to see them go, and so loved hanging out with the for the afternoon. It made laundry go by so much faster.


D) I met another couple (which weighed down with two travel bags strapped across my body) in a VERY crowded bus heading from Lauterburren to Schetelburg -- to get up to Murren. We just chatted cause the seat right in front of them was the only place I could sit! Dan and (his wife's name is blanking out.. grrr) are from Oregon! So we had that natural 'neighbor' thing to bond us. LOL But what really stood out was that heard about Pat playing at the Mountain Hostel.. AND THEY COME TO HEAR HIM !! Such a sweet surprise and they stayed for the whole thing!! Really lovely people who I was grateful for on that 'very crowded bus' :)

I'm afraid I only got the back of their head's while they were listening to Pat play


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